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About Moldova

Moldova is an Eastern European country with a wide variety of terrains ranging from vineyards, hills and forests. The economy of Moldova is dominated by its service sector. It is well-known for its wine industry and agricultural products, primarily due to its rich soil and continental climate.

Moldova Passport Program

Type of visa: Citizenship

Obtaining a second passport can be advantageous for many reasons. Some perks include ease of travel and the ability to conduct and set up businesses with the support of the government. Citizenship by investment is becoming increasingly common these days. Having a second passport can be especially beneficial if your home country faces political strife or instability.

Investment Amount

Donation €145,000


Parents above age 55
Children below age 16

Residency Requirement



Quick Facts

Total Population


Area/Size (km2)


Official Languages

Moldovan and Romanian

Local Currency


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112 countries