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Migration Services

At AIMS, we provide various migration services to cater to your unique migration profile and needs.
Ranging from individual to business and investment migration and even passport programs, we got you all covered.

Skilled Migration

Leverage on your skills and experience to contribute to the economy of your desired country. Countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand are constantly welcoming skilled workers from a wide and diverse list of occupations. The importance of skilled migrants is to mitigate gaps in economy and fill up skills shortages to offset the effects of an ageing population, improve labour productivity as well as address the needs of regional areas.

The determining factors for your migration eligibility varies based on the country you choose to migrate to. However, there are some common things to look out for. The main factors to consider are age, employment history, education and English language abilities. As each country has a list of jobs that qualify for skilled migration, it is important to monitor the occupation lists provided by the respective countries.

Business and Investment Migration

The benefits of obtaining permanent residency or citizenship in another country allow business owners and investors to have ease of travel and the ability to conduct as well as set up businesses with the support of the government. The benefits extend to family members enjoying subsidized health care, education and an overall quality of life.

Business and investment migration comes in different forms and options, and they vary based on the destination country. Some common options include investing in government approved bonds or projects, purchasing properties and setting up businesses with minimum stipulated turnovers.

Why choose AIMS?

Our committed team of immigration professionals are experienced with the entire migration process, offering relevant advice and guidance at every stage. We harness our expertise and knowledge of migration laws to help you better understand and decide on the best visa option for your migration needs.

We understand that our customers are busy individuals, so we are here to ease the burden of deciphering complicated jargon and documentation requirements. Life goes on with the reassurance that your migration process is safe in our capable hands.

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